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Sponsors and Support

IMVG is made possible by the support of all its participants: institutions, businesses, associations and citizens alike. Our collaborators offer according to their abilities and possibilities. Anything helps, from donations and financing to material and logistic support.


Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council

Sponsors and Supporters
Sponsors and Supporters

The city council of Vitoria-Gasteiz is the main supporter of the IMVG as part of it´s commitment to art, culture and participation as a city-building tool.


Sponsors and Supporters

The Department of Youth of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz sponsors the youth employment program the Brush Brigades through their program HAZIAK which helps young people carry out their projects and ideas related to culture, sports, innovation, new technologies, environment and more.

U.S. Embassy in Spain

Sponsors and Supporters

The U.S. Embassy supports IMVG through the U.S. State Department´s program denominated "Cultural Envoys". This program backs cultural projects and individuals from the U.S. who act as cultural ambassadors outside its borders.
This support offers an opportunity for cross cultural learning and creative sparks fly!!

Public muralism has strong roots in american culture and the strongest public mural organizations are in the U.S., with year of experience in community culture.

In 2010, Cultural Envoys brought the Chicago based muralist and founding member of the CPAG en Chicago John Pitman Weber to Vitoria to be a part of a team of local artists leading a mural/mosaic workshop.
In 2011, Philadelphia artist  Michelle Angela Ortiz, que co-directed the mural The Light of Hope, about Gender Equity.

Municipal Department of Education of the City of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Sponsors and Supporters

The Department of Education has recognized the the IMVG as an educational and integrating tool by sponsoring a large portion of the mural Continents and the the first two years of the Brush Brigades  since. It also sponsors the IMVG program Muralism in Public Schools.

Foundation of the Cathedral of Santa María

Fundacion Catedral Santa Maria

The Foundation of the Cathedral of Santa María donated the wall preparation and the scaffold for the mural The Thread of Time and colaboratied with monetary support on the mural Continents.


Institutional Collaborators

School of Art and Design


Students for this school can recieve their final internship credits by participating as intern assistants.


Foundation of the School of Arts and Crafts of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Artes y Oficios

Many of the volunteers who participate year after year are students of this school. Students from the audio-visual department produced the video about the mural The Thread of Time.


The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Inc.

golden foundation

Founded by the high end acrylic paint manufacturer Golden to support innovative artistic creation. The foundation donated the paint for the mural The Thread of Time.


Private Company Collaborations

Iñigo Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones S.L.

construcciones iñigo

This local building company supports the IMVG by preparing the walls at discounted rates.


Andamiajes Araba S.L.

Andamiajes Araba

This local company provides scaffolding at discounted rates.


pinturas ega

EGA Pinturas

A local paint manufacturer founded in 1947, their varnish protects the murals form UV light and harsh weather conditions. This company collaborates with discounted rates and donations.


diario de noticias de alava

Diario de Noticias de Alava

This local newspaper collaborates with discounts, free publicity and materials.


Arbex Digitaprint


This small local company collaborates with printing discounts, signage, etc...

Sponsors and Supporters

Pinturas Oropal

IMVG provider for paints, tools, etc...This small local paint store collaborates with donations and discounts.



Vimex Informática

This small local computer shop collaborates with discounts in everything related to computers and digital media.


Artist Art Materials

Artist Art Material S.A.

The spanish distributor for Golden Artist Paints, they collaborate with discounts and facilitate favorable payment options.



KUBO7 Estudio

Project founder, collaborates with space and material.



Project founder, collaborating with space and materials.


Gratet Granallados Tecnicos


This local company donated the varnish for the mural The Thread of Time and collaborated with discounts on wall treatments and cleaning of the facades for the mural Continents.


Collaborating Associations

Asoc. de Amigos del Museo de Bellas Artes de Alava y Artium (AMBA)

Sponsors and Supporters

AMBA organized the first mural workshops TheThread of Time and Continents. For th mural workshop The Triumph of Vitoria they donated their workspace for storage. The association collaborates closely with publicity and materials.


ERDU Agency for Associations and Volunteers


Supports the IMVG with consulting and publicity.



Sponsors and Supporters

This local grassroots organizations donated its space for the design phase of the mural Covered by the Sky and the Stars.

Sartu Alava


Collaborates with consulting and publicity.


FEDASOC (Local Merchant Association)

Collaborated with financial support for the inauguration celebration of The Thread of Time.

Individual Collaborators

Lonja Moises


This resident of the Medieval Quarter donated his empty storefront for storage and dressing room for the mural Covered by the Sky and the Stars.

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