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One of IMVG´s goals is to stengthen international ties though culture.

The origins of public muralism

Public muralism has its roots in Latin America and the United States, especially in its most collaborative forms, Although it is a cultural reality present all over the world. The U.S. has numerous mural organizations with decades of experience in public mural production and promotion, a true example of community culture-making. We look forward to collaborating and sharing experiences with muralists and mural organizations from all over the world. For more information click aquí.

International Organizations and the IMVG

These are some of the organizations with which we have developed or would like to develop projects and exchanges.


Chicago Public Art Group

CPAG was founded in 1971. Their  mission is to unite artists and communities in partnership to produce quality public art and to extend and transform the tradition of collaborative, community involved, public artwork.

Mural Arts Program Philadelphia


 The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program was founded in 1984. Its mission is to unite artists and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives.


Social and Public Art Resource Center

Founded in 1976 by muralist Judith F. Baca, painter Christina Schlesinger, and filmmaker Donna Deitch. The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) is an arts center that produces, preserves and conducts educational programs about community based public art works. SPARC espouses public art as an organizing tool for addressing contemporary issues, fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting civic dialogue. Working within this philosophical framework, SPARC has created murals and other forms of public art in communities throughout Los Angeles and increasingly in national and international venues

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