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Lead Artist

As Lead Artist of a muralism workshop the artist will direct the entire creative process as well as the logistics of the workshop, from the design process to the execution of the mural.

Description of the position

One of the greatest responsibilities of the lead artist is to coordinate the workshops so as that all the participants (volunteers, assistants, interns and brigades) work together in all aspects of the process. The lead artist will, by example, promote the collaboration of all participants.

To that end he/she will count on the support of his/her paid assistants, to whom the lead artist will delegate responsibilities according to his/her judgement. The IMVG will serve as logistic support in all that is possible and practicable.

In addition the lead artist will transmit his/her own style and working processes, creating a a work influenced by his/her own artistic trajectory while at the same time reorientated and influenced by the ideas of all the workshop participants.


  • Manage group interaction, create dialogue and manage conflicts.
  • Task distribution.
  • Maintain and impose security regulations.
  • Organize, order and inventory materials and tools.
  • Care and maintenance of workspaces (classrooms, storage areas, scaffold, etc...)
  • Create an environment of collaboration in all the phases of the workshop.
  • Produce a scale drawing of the final design to present to the all the participants and organizers (IMVG).
  • Create timeline and practicable completion goals and meet them. (The mural must be completed in the specified timeframe with the exception of considerations of weather, sickness, etc...).

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