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Moving Mural


For the first time ever a 3d video-mapping animation was created and projected onto a painted mural resulting in the illusion of movement of the mural itself.
Year: 2011
Technical and Animation Director: Fernando Pérez
Audio Director:
Aleksei Lacalle
Executive Producers:
Christina y Verónica Werckmeister
Student Intern: Tania Barrera and Eder Garcia
Calle Colegio San Prudencio s/n, Vitoria-Gasteiz
Best view :
Plaza del Artium
1st projection: 23 December, 2011.


This innovative experience has accomplished something completely new: bringing together the conventional techniques of muralism with the technology of video mapping and 3d animation to tell a story.
Video mapping consists in provoking the optical illusion that a building moves by projecting large scale video over volumetric architectural surfaces,  in this case a painted mural.

The painted mural sets the stage for a story about environmental sustainability. It speaks about super-production, excessive consumption,  lack of environmental consciousness and energy waste: a hectic race to nowhere. Humanity faces a challenge: can we stop? What role do we have within nature? Can we care for, nurture and even improve our environment? And so the mural is revealed with a sense of wonder and hope. With all that we know, we have an unlimited potential for creating beauty and respecting nature.

The seed for this video was planted in participatory workshops with citizen volunteers, student artists and professionals in the summer of 2011. It was later refined and produced by 2 young local artists. The final product is a result of this colaboration.



Sonia Estevez Fernández, Itsaso Perales Barrón, Blanca Vaca Lopez de Aberasturi, Belen Urutxurtu Argiñano


Here you can see how the wonderful process!



Making of....

Moving Mural · Gallery

Atrezzo Holding our breaths Editing Testing on the wall Recycled props Recylcled props2 Hi, I´m in the fridge! Projection concept concept2 Mobile unit! Directors!

Visitor Comments (2)

fadua · 17-02-2012 23:44:20

That was Amazing, Live wall in Vitoria Gasteiz , In my life the most wonderful Living Art i saw.The music attracts more for the Art, my Whole focus is on this marvellous Living wall.
This was Most wonderful Concept which IMVG shared. The
Thanks a lot for the entire team,

Genevieve Caminade · 05-05-2012 23:06:22

This is very innovative but also witty,poetical,and thought provoking.I loved all the movement,the themes,and the music at the end was perfect.Well done ,and thank you for this creation.

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