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what will we do with what we know?


Year: 2011
Lead Artist: Veronica Werckmeister
Assistant: Nadia Beltrán de Lubiano, Aleksei Lacalle, Irantzu Lekue
Intern Assistant: Jon Ander Corres, Tania Barrera, Eder García
Size: 150 m2
Location: Calle Colegio de San Prudencio s/n (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
Best view: Calle Francia- Artium Plaza


The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz was awarded the distinction of "European Green Capital", 2012. The concept for this mural comes from discussions about what it means to be "green".

The composition takes into account the building's architecture and function. The building houses a public school for adults and was formerly a public library. It is located on one of the ciyty's busiest streets, in front of the Artium museum of Contemporary Art, and on one of the main entrances of the medieval district.

The 4 sections of the mural are arranged vertically according to japanese perspective composition:  the closest objects appear at the bottom and those further away are at the very top. From the sidewalk we see stacks of books and drawings that represent the knowledge humanity has accumulated about science and the environment. On the next level we see huge leaves of native trees, (beech, oak and chestnut). On the third level we see the Salburua wetlands, a recently recovered natural park. Finally, on the highest part of the mural we see the earth from outerspace, with stars and a satellite.

The mural aspires to provoke a sense of wonder about nature in the viewer while posing the question: What will we do with what we know? How can our vast knowledge not only help us conserve our environment but actually invent new ways to improve it and fix many of the problems we ourselves have created?

Part of the mural workshop included the design, scripting and production of an animated story about sustainability to be projected onto the mural using audio-visual mapping techniques. Take a look at the amazing  "moving mural" here.



Iker Uribetxebarria, Dan Simpson, Joseba Carreras, María Carreras, Juanjo Martínez, Kitz Mendiola, Olatz Aldasoro, Pilar Correas, Marta Martínez de Lagran, Africa López de Ipiña, Ana Carreras, Naiara Fernández, Sonia Estevez, Ainhoa Knor, Itsaso Perales, Blanca Vaca, Belen Urutxurtu, Noelia Fustel

Brush Brigades

Ixone Herrero, Maribel Ebendeng, Sara Esparza, Iker Tejedor, Jesús Puente, Ibon Landa

What will we do with what we know? - Gallery

Africa painting leaves On the Scaffold Audio-visual workshop On the ladders Ibon, Brush Brigade Iker- Brush Brigade Juanjo and Noelia-Volunteers Nadia-Assistant Designing together Drawing together

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