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The Story of Volunteering


Full-screenYear: 2012
Lead Artist: Antoni Gabarre
Assistant: Aleksei Lacalle
Size: 82 m2
Location: c/ Barrancal 20
Best view: Plaza de Aldabe


This mural is dedicated to volunteers, especially those who have worked and work for the improvement of the urban landscape in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The work, dedication and thoughtfulness is reflected in a book, where the process is explained. The imagery brings together aspects such as restoration, basque traditions and environmental aspects of the area.

In addition, this year 2 new objectives were met.

  • For the first time in Vitoria-Gasteiz, a mural was painted on polytab (non-woven cloth), which was later installed on the wall.
  • This made the mural workshop completely accessible to volunteers and participants with reduced mobility.

Do you want to see how it was made? This video will show you...



Sara López Antolín, Iratxe Chasco, Julia Arrúe, Ane Elkoro, Mari Paz Nuñez, María José Jiménez, Arantza Gabana, Patricia Cangas, Sonia Arias, Marta Moran, Silvia Apodaka, Mar Gabarre

Brush Brigades

Juan Pablo Cardona Saavedra, Pello Odriozola Agirre, Beatriz Álvarez, Irati García Baztarrika, Imanol Gorostidi, Lujan Ambioris Franco Yeme, Olatz Arin Basterretxea (video), Irantzu Torres Pérez de Mendiola (video).


Once upon a time there was a piece of white cloth that felt very alone and aboandoned. But one day some artists came and took her away....and they turned her into an explosion of color. NOw she is not alone, she is surrounded by people. The people of Vitoria-Gasteiz!

A video-story produced in a mini workshop directed by Christina Werckmeister and Aleksei Lacalle, with the participation of youth employees: Olatz Arin Basterretxea and Irantzu Torres Perez de Mendiola.


painting Working together. A different way to paint a mural. Group brainstorming. Painting Details Everyone together The sun. the moon Painting buildings on the ground. Painting. Installation Installation Installed!

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