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The Shortest Night


Year: 2010
Lead Artist:Gorka Otsoa de Alda
Assistant:Iván García Bartolomé
Intern Assistant: Mikel Baraibar
Size: 180 m2
Location: Calle Correría  nº 96 (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
Best view: Jardin de la Muralla (Access Cantón de las Carnicerías)


Located in amongst the magical surroundings of the gardens alongside the Medieval city wall, the mural shows the pagan festival of Midsummer´s Eve, a nocturnal fantasy with bonfires, dancing, music and celebration, protected by the medieval walls.



Aizkoa Madinabeitia Vegas, Cedric Maloberti, Candido Gómez Alvarez, Maitane Fernández de Leceta Arroita, Aitor Salazar Calleja, Carmen Gómez Pablos, David García Carballo, Idoia Aguilar Martínez, Garbiñe Uriarte González, Maite López Pérez, Aintzane Portilla Alonso

Brush Brigades

Iñigo Fernández de Pinedo Eguiluz, Luis Carlos Orduz Mendes, Genesis Jordan Ortiz, Leire Vega Gorostidi, Zuriñe Fernández de Carranza Garcia, Miren Martínez Aberasturi


“I think it´s incredible to be able to participate in an initiative in your city, something that´s artitistic, that involves working with people and which is going to last for many years... in the summer"

We invite you to witness the transformative experience that affects the space, the artists, individuls and society. These videos were created in a mini filmmaking-workshop directed by Amok Creación Audiovisual with the participation of Brenan Duarte as a volunteer and 3 youth employees:  Leire Perrino Cabello, Asier Uribarri Gutierrez, and Selene Ibarra Jimenez.

Sensaciones Cromáticas Trailer

Sesaciones Cromáticas

The Shortest Night · Gallery

brainstorming in Gorka´s studio sketches getting ready to draw on the wall drawing on the wall watching painting the wall changes Color! more color!

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