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Murals_The Light of Hope_Carrusel1

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Murals_The Light of Hope_Carrusel2

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Murals_The Light of Hope_Carrusel3

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The Light of Hope


Year: 2011
Lead Artist: Michelle Angela Ortiz and Ivan García Bartolomé
Assistants: Julen Morillas and Mikel Baraibar
Intern Assistant: Izaro Sánchez
Size: 225 m2
Location: C/ Zapatería 76
Best view: Canton de Anorbin


Through the language of color, where the cool colors contain the problems and the warm colors the solutions, we advance from unequality through stereotypes towards education, justice and finally hope. The main image  shows a mature woman, breaking the chains of oppression and advancing towards consciousness and natural wisdom. In the center a balanced scale, with the symbols of woman and man.

This mural was also sponsored by Unesco Etxea and Garapen Bidean, 2 NGO´s that are working on events celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Resolution 1325 Women weaving together Peace, a project whose objective is to publicize the role women play in the construction of peace.



Ascen Leza López de Eguileta, Elena Zapirain, Mari Luz Urrechu, Jesús Peña Prado, Jose Ignacio Redondo Montoya, Jose Roberto Bartolomé, Blanca Estibaliz Jimenez Cobo, Isabel Ochoa de Eribe, Juan Carlos Hazas, Maria de la Encina Corcuera, Manoli González, Natalia Albeniz, Charo Uribe Maeztu

Brush Brigades

Laura Salido, Ania Gómez, Unai Palenzuela, Mounir Bettouaf, Ana Rodríguez, Rocio Larrumbide


There are more than just two colors, is a prize-winning short documentary film created in a mini filmmaking-workshop directed by Sandra Santos with the participation of the youth employee: Tamara Moreno García.

An eclectic team of people from different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life, with almost no artistic training, climb the scaffold to paint a builiding. They´re using art as a tool on their way to awareness about Gender Equality. Sure enough, they discover that there are more than just two colors.  

There are more than just two colors teaser

There are more than just two colors

The Light of Hope - Gallery

Finished! Detail Detail 2 Detail 3 Detail 4 Ascen- Volunteer Diversion en el andamio Secret eye Eye Detail Voluntaria Group photo Designing Izaro- Intern Assistant Assistants designing Michelle Angela Ortiz Mikel-assistant Color Workshop The plan Volunteer Ideas Volunteer Brush Brigade Drawing Group photo Mural

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