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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

3 de marzo

3 de marzo



public presentations

March 3rd-in depth

In the public presentations organized around the 2013 mural workshop we propose learning, debating and reflecting on values such as: memory, human rights, social justice, the future, pluralism, empathy, social harmony, etc. Beginning with the events that took place on March 3rd, the events that followed and the historic relevance and impact were discussed and debated.

All the participants in the mural workshop attended the presentations, as well as the general public.

Calendar of presentations

Tuesday September 3rd, 19:00

Memory Tour: March 3rd 1976

MEMORY WORKSHOP: " March 3rd: from strike to massacre"
Guided tour throught the Zaramaga neighborhood led by the Association of Victims and Victims Families. IN addition activist from the Union movements of 1976 describe first hand and in situ, the events that led up to and that followed the massacre. The visit will be followed by the projection of a short documentary.

Wednsday, September 4th 19:00

Informal Debate: March 3rd, 1976, looking towards the future

Moderated by the writer and journalist Juan Ibarrondo


  • Amparo Las Heras (Journalist and author of the book March 3rd, 1976)
  • Juantxo Estebarantz (Historian and social activist)
  • Zigor Olabarría (social activist)
Thursday, September 5th, 19:00

Visions of War and Peace: The Murals of Northern Ireland

A virtual tour through the murals of Northern Ireland from the past to the present. Given by Bill Rolston, Professor of Sociology and the Institute for Transitional Justice of the University of Belfast. Prof. Rollston is an expert in the origins and development of the decades long history of mural painting in Ireland during the conflict. He is also the author of several books on the topic.

Tuesday, September 10th, 19:00

A New Look at Zaramaga

Bakeola, a center for mediation and conflict resolution, guides us through activities with the following objectives:

  • Aquire a conceptual framework in education for peace.
  • Understand, identify and diferentiate different ypes of violence (direct, psychological, structural, cultural).
  • Recognize situations of injustice and violations of human rights.

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