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3 de marzo andamio

3 de marzo andamio

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No present nor future without memory


Full-screenYear: 2013
Lead Artist: Javier Hernández Landazabal
Assistant: Verónica Werckmeister
Size: 210 m2
Location: Reyes de Navarra 28, Vitoria-Gasteiz
Best view: Plaza 3 de Marzo


This is the first mural in the Zaramaga neighborhood of Vitoria-Gasteiz, and marks the beginning of IMVG´s expansion outside of the medieval quarter. Because many people have suggested it and because the neighborhood´s working class roots demand it, the mural is about the events that took place on March 3rd, 1976.

On March 3rd, 1976, within the context of a tense and ongoing worker´s struggle, 5 workers were killed and more than 100 were injured, the majority by gunshot. This was the outcome of a police siege on the church where the striking workers were conducting a general assembly.

The mural interprets this historic event, which still to this day is not recognized officially as a crime against  the population. 37 years later the victims and their families are still fighting for justice, recognition and reparations.

The mural uses archival documentation (photographs, newsclipping, etc.) within a vertical composition that flows chronologically from top to bottom.  At the top we find references to the events prior to the day in question (strikes, demontrations, etc.), towards the center, images that reflect the day´s events, and towards the bottom lessons to new generations and references to the current state of legal demands by the victims and their families. In addition there is a blank paper and a pencil, alluding to the history that still to be written by future generations.

The mural is on a 9-story facade directly in front of the church where the events ocurred.

As part of the participatory workshop, public presentations and discussions were held around the topic.
Here you can see the calendar of events that took place.

In addition a blog was created that offered a day-to-day glimpse of the personal stories that took place on and around the scaffold.



Erika Martinez Lizarraga, Helena Zapirain Franco, Ana Moreno González, Ainhoa Bilbao Arkotxa, Alaitz Portilla Velasco, Alina Groppa García, Ania Gómez Martínez, Anabel Fernández Garrido, Marta Oribe González, Myriam Fernández, Soledad Arconada Oliver, Mirian Olave Lerma, Mariaje Guevara López de Lacalle, Zuriñe Abecia Jimenez de Aberasturi, Txus Peña Prado, Garazi de Ayala Barguilla, Pedro Luis Rodriguez Amestoy.

Brush Brigades

Aintzane Almeida Izaga, Baroudi Maamar-Dine Cherrak, Cristian Sánchez Gabana, Alex Cristobal Rodriguez, Ainara Saenz de Urturi Maiztegui, Agurtzane Ruiz Orcasitas, María Cisneros Santa Cruz, Manex Korkostegi Ruiz de Galarreta


There´s no present nor future without memory Brainstorming Brainstorming 2 Guided Tour given by the Association of Victims Public debates on topic. Practical workshop on human rights and non-violence. Breaking into smaller groups. Finding images and documentation. Discussing in smaller groups. Discussing possiblities... First things first. Graphing and measuring. Measuring. Smaller teams transferring each image. this mural is really a lot of little tiny ones. Getting down to the painting. Painting Painting Details Cutting out letters for the stencils. Stencil cutting at the foot of the scaffold. Marta, touching up letters. Painting a demonstration. Fun on the scaffold. Brush brigades, preparing paint. Celaning brushes is FUN! Even photographers get sucked into the process!! Friendly neighbors offer a soft drink on hot days (in October??) Break time. Still more stencils to cut out.... The artist OUTSIDE his studio. The press is interested in what´s going on. Zuriñe painting Volunteering is dirty and fun! Paint is mixed and then labeled. Some texts were transferred then hand painted. Final touches to the title and credits. Mission accomplished... Detail detail final final touches... Group pic at the foot of the mural. Dantzaris Mission accomplished!

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