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Pintoreria antes

Pintoreria antes

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Pintoreria andamio

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pintoreria casi

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Covered by the stars and the sky


Large-scale mural on the western side of the Medieval Quarter.
Year: 2009
Lead Artist:Patricia López Landabaso
Assistant: Estibaliz Vera
Intern Assistant: Ivan Garcia Bartolomé
Size: 225 m2
Location: C/ Pintorería 76
Best view: Canton de Santa Ana


Covered by the Sky and the Stars is a reinterpretation of the kiss between Saint Anne and Saint Joachim at the Golden Gates of Jerusalem as depicted by the painter Giotto di Bondone (XIV C.). It is said that this is  art´s first kiss of true love (the Vitgen Mary was immaculately conceived from this kiss).

Here, the artists and participants gave the scene a modern twist calling upon imagery from the summer of love, Klimt, Woodstock and the hippie movement.

The mural tells a love story.  A love covered by the sky and the stars, so that whoever sees the mural will wish they were in love.

Covered by the Sky and the Stars



Agurtzane Cid Comontes, Vanesa Cachafeiro Saéz de Cortazar, Anuska Martin Alonso, Diego Alonso Gómez, Susi Franco Ruiz de Viñaspre, Katia Echeita Blanco, Juan Carlos Hazas, Rosa Elena Marquez Gómez, Haritz Larriñaga, Joaquin Montans Pereira, Aitor Salazar Calleja, Mariasun Lamarain, Carmen Gómez Pablos.

Brush Brigades

Ainhoa Negro Rils, Itxiar Miñon Soto, Aingeru López de Alda Martínez, Nicolás Marchiaro Tendero, Nadia Beltrán de Lubiano Santamaría, Itxaso Arrausi.

Covered by the Sky and the Stars - Gallery

Completed Mural Design Painting Saint Anne and Saint Joachim- Detail Flowers Painting Flowers Detail of Saint Anne´s friends. Blanket detail Inauguration Celebration

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