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Calle Reyes de Navarra 27

New Mural Workshop 2015

The latest mural workshop is underway! Together the group will spend 2 weeks sharing ideas, and coming up with a design for the new mural. The location couldn´t be better, in the heart of the neighborhood, at a crossroads, by the market, and in the center of Zaramaga. And the Artist, Karen Warner, is new to the prgram and she comes with a fresh perspective, new ideas and a pumped up happy style! Checkout some of her work here. Their challenge will be the coming up with a design relating to the theme "Simbiosis"...Keep checking here and our Facebook page to see how it´s going...


Zaramaga, barrio pintado 15-06-2015

Zaramaga, barrio pintado

Diario de Noticias de Alava

El histórico distrito vitoriano estrenará la próxima semana su segundo mural exterior y se prepara ya para acoger el diseño del tercero, que tendrá a la simbiosis como temática. La obra se plasmará en julio en una pared de Reyes de Navarra.....http://www.noticiasdealava.com/2015/06/05/araba/zaramaga-barrio-pintado

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